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  • Crowdfunding

    Raising more than awareness.

    Kombucha Town - Crowd Investing

    Capital raising video for successful startup kombucha company.

    2022 campaign created with Kombucha Town. Written, shot and edited by Skilly Media

    The Problem of Plastics

    Plastics recycling business wanted to raise money & awareness. Port Townsend, WA.

    They need a quick tool to communicate their message & connect with locals.

    Wisdom of Communities

    Foundation for Intentional Community

    This is our 3rd crowd funding video with this client. They are a generous client with a life enriching goal. Our videos keep helping their campaigns exceed their goals.

    Communities Directory

    A Guide to Cooperative Living


    SD footage compliments of IC.org. The Communities Directory catalogs groups around the world who are living in communities that model sustainability and cooperation.


    Roam Sticks - GMO Free Pastured Pork

    Values aligned farmers.


    We could not be happier to support these ethical farmers who raise pastured pigs without chemicals.

    Moved to Act

    Climate Leadership Intensive

    We teamed up with Center for Sustainable & Cooperative Culture to create this promo & crowd funding video.


    Promotions, presentations and mini-docs.

    Kombucha Town's founder story.

    Chris McCoy started Kombucha Town fermented tea company in Bellingham, WA in 2010.


    His story is not without it's challenges.

    Webinar promotional video

    Foundation for Intentional Community

    Created from Zoom screen recordings and our library of footage, we produced this video to promote an online education series.

    Scotland County Hospital

    This ad helped extend SCH service hours.


    We worked with Author Alisa Kigar to bring her story to life in this hand-illustrated quirky ad. Editing, adult VO & Animation by Rae Machado & Aaron Murphy. Additional video: Reed Promotional Media.

    Planet Community Web Series

    On behalf of the Fellowship for Intentional Community


    We visit intentional communities around the US and tell their stories.

    Land is My... Land Trust Alliance

    Created for Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage


    This video was commissioned by Dancing Rabbit for The Land Trust Alliance, to show what some members find most important about living at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.

    Sustainable is Possible

    With Yana Ludwig, Executive Director of the non-profit Dancing Rabbit Incorporated.


    Based on her 2015 speaking tour which started out as a TEDx Talk at Carlton College.

    Who is Dancing Rabbit?

    We were asked to update the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage introduction video. It's the first thing you see at www.DancingRabbit.org.


    Short introduction to the mission of Dancing Rabbit.

  • Biographies

    Their stories.

    Natural Builder, Hassan: Designing from the Heart


    Hassan Hall builds beautiful things by hand. This is part of his story.



    Biography: Dan Durica

    A look into his life as a natural builder, farmer and ecovillager.


    Tiny House Building with Bear


    A close look at Bear's latest tiny house on wheels. Green builder extraordinaire.

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